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Luke McKneally Architect


Luke McKneally is a registered architect in Massachusetts with experience in residential, commercial and institutional design and construction, and over 13 years experience in renewable energy project management and design, and sustainable design practice. He has been a LEED AP since 2006 and a certified Passive House consultant (CPHC) since 2015. He has worked on projects ranging from residential design to solar engineering for the Bullitt Center in Seattle, to sustainable design and certifications for large multifamily developments.
Our goal is to provide durable, elegant design that meets your goals and exceeds effortlessly keeps you comfortable while using only a fraction of energy typically required. High performance design can and should be affordable, sustainable, contextual.
Awards: PHIUS+ CPHC, LEED AP Homes & NC (v4 experience), AIA, PHMA


The American Institute of Architects
The Boston Society of Architects
Passive House Institute US
New York Passive House